Our Classes

Studies indicate physical activity and creative hands-on activities is essential in developing the brain and supporting mental functions. It is great for confidence, hand and eye co-ordination, social skills, wellbeing and positive mental health and much more!


Does your child love science, but doesn’t get enough of it? At Mindnasium your child can learn to be a true scientist. Using our NGSS Science Standard aligned curriculum students will explore hands on inquiry based science lessons. They will work on skills such as making observations, modeling, collecting data, thinking flexibility, testing solutions and drawing conclusions!


How did that just move? Why did that just fall? Does your child question everything? During these classes your child can being to understand physics starting at age 4. Students will use toy cars, balloons, straws, magnetics and more to explore physics. Students will use hands on exploration to become a true physicists.

Science is Magic:

Magic is all around us but most of the time it can be explained by science! Here students will discover the scientific truth to different phenomena. They will use hands on inquiry to test solutions and discover it is not magic afterall.

Earth and Space Systems:

Moon phases, the sun, erosion, volcanoes, engineering, fossil, and stars! There is always something new to learn about Earth and Space! Through hands on exploration your child will begin to understand some of the worlds biggest phenoma.


Coding, Programming, Robots and more! Technology is a pathway to innovation and exploration. Through different modes of technology your child will learn to code and program. Children will use different robots, lego education resources, chromebooks and more! Exposure to these tools will open their minds to creativity and flexible thinking!


Building, Designing, Engineering and more! Through various engineering lessons students will experience the engineering design process first hand! Children will ask questions, plan and design solutions, test solutions and then improve their designs. Children will solve real world problems and become true engineers!